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Appeal for the Monks of Norcia

In response to an appeal from the people of Norcia, a group of young Benedictine monks came to restore the Monastery of San Benedetto in the year 2000. Norcia was the birthplace of St Benedict, and it was an occasion of great joy and celebration to see his monks return to the town.
In 2016 a disastrous earthquake struck the area, resulting in the destruction of the Monastery. The monks were forced to live in tents during one of the area's worst winters for years, and even when the summer came, they found that the earthquake had diverted the underground streams that they relied on to grow their crops.
They have been undertaking an extraordinary programme of building and restoration, to construct a new Abbey which should survive the worst that nature can throw at it.
Read more about the extraordinary effect that these Benedictine monks have had on the town, and their appeal to rebuild the Monastery which has had such an incredible impact not only on the town of Norcia, but also for people of faith everywhere. It has become a place of prayer and hope for pilgrims from all over the world.
Please consider visiting their website, and donating whatever you can:
Watch this short - 4 minute - video about the life of the monks:
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