Any parent who has done their best to bring their children to Church will know how difficult it can be. 

Children do not want to stay still, or listen to sermons. Parents fear that others may find their children a distraction. 

As if that isn't hard enough, since 1994 we have seen the relaxation of Sunday trading laws, the massive growth of the internet, (anti-)social media and the omnipresence of mobile phones. It is difficult to see how to persuade people to come to Church in the face of all the other distractions the world offers.

Churches reach a tipping point when enough families stop attending Mass, because it makes it more difficult for the few that remain to carry on. Their children understandably want to be doing what their friends are doing. They can feel isolated and fear being thought of as strange.

We want to establish something new for families: an informal community of like-minded families who want to make new friends, socialise, go for walks, and just support each other in life and faith. Many young people are online all the time, but not necessarily because they enjoy it: they may also feel the  constant pressure to maintain their online status, to keep up the appearance of having a perfect life, and  gain the approval of their virtual friends. We welcome you in joining us to provide the alternative - the real world, of beaches and Dartmoor, get-togethers and home cooking, real friendship instead of online updates - part of a community that lives face-to-face, not just on Facebook.

Your children could be part of a caring community that explicitly  tries to live out the values of the Gospel, and sees in the Rule of St Benedict a model for how communities of all kinds, including families, can learn to put Christ at the centre again. 

Benedictine Families

The Problem

You could be part of the answer

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