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Video resources

Abbot Christopher Jamison's groundbreaking programme about five ordinary men spending 40 days in a British monastery.
Martin Laird OAR on silence
The Convent' follows four English women trying to live with the Poor Clares in their community in Arundel. Part 4 to follow when found.
One of three BBC programmes showing life in a Benedictine monastery:
Jeremy Driscoll OSB on the real meaning of the Mass:
Discover the community of Benedictine monks in the monastery of San Benedetto, Norcia:
Trailer for Robert Barron's Catholicism series:
Jeremy Driscoll OSB gives a moving explanation of the Divine Office:
Bishop Robert Barron on St Benedict and the future direction of the Church:
Interview with Abbot Jeremy Driscoll on monastic life:
A longer documentary about the monks of Norcia:
Fr Cassian Folsom talks Gregorian Chant, monastic beer, the attraction of the Old Mass for young people and his experience of suffering from cancer. An interesting and moving interview:
Wonderful, uplifting video of Benedictine sisters who went to No.1:
Bishop Robert Barron on the Death of Christ:
Bishop Robert Barron on the Resurrection:
Bishop Barron on Prayer
Robert Barron on how Aquinas helps us to answer the new atheists - Dawkins and Hitchens and the rest. University level speech to theology students, but wonderful, fundamentally important stuff. Shows that the  'new atheists' have not grasped the real argument at all. Take your time with it. The speech is 45 mins or so, followed by Q&A:
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