If you want more structure and depth to your prayer life, but find the full Morning and Evening Prayer of the Church too much at the moment, we highly recommend this little book. Published by Ampleforth Abbey, it contains a two-weekly morning prayer cycle, a one-week evening prayer cycle, and night prayer. The psalms and bible readings have been very carefully chosen, so that the frequent repetition means that you learn wonderful prayers by heart, which then come to mind throughout your day. Also contains a treasure trove of classic Catholic prayers, and advice on praying the rosary and lectio divina. Only £10. Click here for the Ampleforth online shop: 

Abbot Jamison's book was written to accompany the TV series 'The Monastery', and gives practical guidance to those just setting out on the Christian spiritual path. The down-to-earth wisdom found in this book is based on the accumulated experience of hundreds of years of monastic life. Highly recommended.

The follow-up to Abbot Jamison's deservedly popular 'Finding Sanctuary', for those looking for further guidance from the monastic tradition.

David Foster OSB was for many years Ampleforth Abbey's Novice Master, responsible for the spiritual formation of generations of young monks. This book represents years of insights gained at the 'coal face' of the monastic life. Essential reading for those ready to go deeper in their prayer life.

In this book David Foster OSB looks specifically at the art of lectio divina, or 'divine reading'. This is a way of prayer strongly associated with the Benedictine tradition. Take a short passage of scripture and slowly read it, allowing time and space for the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the text. Many books have been written on lectio, but unlike some others, this one contains deep insight while remaining readable.

Martin Laird OSA is an Augustinian monk who is deeply steeped in the contemplative tradition. Nothing shallow or gimmicky here - his teaching is both deep and accessible. 

The follow up to 'Into the Silent Land'. Further deep and practical wisdom from Martin Laird OSA.

Bishop Robert Barron's book to accompany - and expand upon - his wonderful 10-part 'Catholicism' series. Contains many details and insights which the series could not include.

It is vitally necessary to balance contemplative practice (see Martin Laird's books, for example) with a proper understanding of the actual content of the Catholic faith - the Cross, the nature of God, the Trinity and so on. Highly recommended.

A short book, but packed full of advice about how classical Catholic teaching provides a sure spiritual path. Also gives a useful primer into Christan classics such as Brideshead Revisited, The Divine Comedy and Babbette's Feast. Essential reading.

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