Talks and Workshops

Mackenzie Robinson is a Benedictine Oblate from Buckfast Abbey in Devon, and a former criminal lawyer. He is available to give talks, usually in the South West of England, but possibly further afield.


He gives two different talks on the Shroud of Turin:


Talk 1 -  This looks at the Shroud from a forensic point of view, looking at what caused the image, and whether it could be the burial cloth of Jesus.  


Talk 2 -  The second presentation considers the purpose of the image itself, and explores its meaning as an icon of redemptive suffering. A tour of the human and divine understanding of suffering in the Bible, taking in Cain and Abel, Job and Daniel, and culminating in the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Both talks incorporate music and fine art.

A talk on the Turin Shroud which combines in a profound way the factual and mystical aspects of the person of Jesus Christ. Not only does this feed our own personal devotion but it will also feed our desire to share our love and understanding of Jesus with others.”

 - Fr Jon Bielawski, Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation, Catechesis and Schools.


Mackenzie also offers a presentation entitled 'Inclining the Ear of the Heart - Silence, Listening and Prayer in the Benedictine Tradition.' What are the skills involved in listening to other people, and how can they be applied to prayer? What is the difference between meditation and prayer? What is lectio divina, and how can it deepen our relationship with the Trinity?

For more detail, or to book a talk, email us:

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