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Vocations in Benedictine Life

The word 'vocation' comes from the latin vocatio, meaning a calling. This is not simply a decision that you have come to yourself, but a response to a call from outside yourself, to dedicate your life in a particular way to the service of God.

Some kinds of vocations are well known, such as the call to become a priest, a monk or nun. But people whose situation in life rules out such a response, such as those who are married with children, can also answer such a call, perhaps as an Oblate.

Here are links to the websites of the main Benedictine monasteries in the English Benedictine Congregation, who will be able to give you details of their vocation and oblate programmes:









Buckfast Abbey Benedictine Monastery

Visit the website of the English

Benedictine Congregation for more information about a vocation

within the Benedictine family:

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